Fango live band is the new Fango’s project with a real band; guitar, drums and bass plus samples and electronic tracks. On drums Nicola Zanetti aka Fango, the dj and producer from Venice who, according to Michael Mayer, is “the hottest thing in the 4/4 business right now”. He plays an old big sized ’76 ludwig drumkit that sounds fat and deep. Lorenzo Petri is the guitar player; a musician who mods his guitars himself in order to get the right sound for every project he plays in. Davide Cairo, a musician and composer for the new media, takes care of the electronic part and samples. Then we have Michele Zavan, a skilled bass player and a well known cook too. They will play some of the best Fango tracks, one hour of non stop live music, 124 bpm, no breaks, all for dancing.


Cited by Kompakt boss Michael Mayer as “The hottest thing in the 4/4 business right now”, 2018 was a busy year for the mysterious Venetian producer/DJ. Fango’s Viscera series, a trilogy EP release and a sonic essay of the body, was crowned by the industries main players for all its weird unfathomable brilliance with the track “Rectum” taking all the dance floor’s that mattered by storm. Not to mention a string of hit remixes for Dj Hell’s “Car Car Car”, Rebolledo’s “Pow Pow” and Red Axes “Sun My Sweet Sun. Last years his latest trilogy series, Urano, which featured the dance-floor banger “Sikhote” all received premieres from Resident Advisor, whilst his full-length LP “GEA” received widespread critical acclaim.
Artists like 2manydjs, Maceo Plex, Dixon, Seth Troxler, Laurent Garnier, Mano Le Tough, Solomon, Ben UFO, etc. are major supporters as is Jackmaster who featured him on his latest Dj Kick’s series whilst Marcel Dettmann describing his track Vampiro as “Really straight but I love the atmosphere, it gives me goosebumps!”Fango is a virtuous perfectionist obsessed with mixing bass-drums, recording percussions and sampling drummers. It doesn’t matter if it’s a drum machine or a gong from an orchestra, he will make it sound right.



Triassico EP
Running Back RB122

Fango’s debut EP for Running Back draws a map of the Italian’s wonderful
world of sounds. To help music journalists in their ongoing search for new
genres, it’s a planet that consist of techno punk, ebm house and outsider
Fed by the unbroken fascination with all things dinosaurs (no pun
intended) that Fango shared with his son, reading books, watching
documentaries and visiting museums, he found a new place and created a
sound for it. If you have ever looked for a danceable soundtrack that
resembles strange dinosaurs, dark clouds, active volcanoes and powerful
winds, you have finally found it. Aptly named after four different dinosaurs,
this Ep consists of the irresistible uplifting vibe that is Sarcosuco and its sweet
and melancholic counterpart Diplodoco, while the slow-motion rave
Dimetrodonte and Gastonia mirror Fango’s darker and tool-like character. All
in all, it’s like watching a dinosaur mosh pit from space. Special artwork by
Luca Zamoc.